Industry support: There should be strong enough


At the seminar “Science and technology for development SI” by the Ministry of Science and Technology held in Hai Phong in the afternoon of 12/5, Professor Nguyen Mai, Chairman of Business Association, said the Overseas Investment : Since the beginning of the XXI century, the government policy to develop supporting industries, cooperation with Japan to build two parks 2 SI in the port city of Vung Tau and Hai Phong but after 13 years our country has yet to shape the Is the SI should focus on building on a national scale, each economic region.

According to the Institute of Industrial Strategy (MOIT), about 500 enterprises operating in the manufacturing sector, only 200 enterprises (companies) in the country qualified to participate in the production for new overseas but focus mainly in the field of motor and electronics. Automobile industry aims 2010 – 2020 of 60% localization but only 7% – 8%. Textile industry is expected to raise the rate to 60% local content by 2015 and 70% in 2020, but still has to import 99% cotton, 60% fiber, 70% cotton …

Explaining the main cause of this situation, Professor Nguyen Mai frankly – expressed, Vietnam has no priority investment strategies developed some kind of national SI to create large-scale production. For example, in the 90s of the last century focused on developing Malaysian electrical and electronics sector to serve domestic production and create major export commodities on world markets.

Besides, development policies have not created SI models are linked vertically: product value chain from input suppliers – who produce the final product – a distributor of products and Vertical Horizontal: between the manufacturer of a product along with the division of labor and cooperation to create competitiveness in the domestic market and internationally.

Professor Nguyen Mai said the government should focus on developing supporting industries in some large-scale products and suitable for the development strategy of the country. It’s mechanical and electronic engineering products associated with cars, motorcycles, information technology, mobile phone, consumer electronics; focused investment and development at a rapid pace between now and 2020 to our country become the world’s largest base of production and exports of industrial goods and electronics. “To do this, the country needs to increase n Age more incentives and support investment, preferential credits for enterprises SI “, Professor Nguyen Mai stressed.

Talking to reporters of Industry and Trade, Mr. Ha Thanh Hai, Director of the Corporation and CNC technology applications Vietnam proposals and policies to support the Government’s need detailed, more specific to help the small and medium enterprises development of Vietnam.

According to Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman of Management Board Thang Long company Tech: the fact that major brands like Canon, Samsung, Yamaha, Toyota, … then their ancillary businesses are mostly companies of Japan, Korea and all the ages of 30-50 years. They not only large but also attaches special importance to security problems (10 times the DN in Vietnam).

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