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Localization of custom thermal power plants: Enterprises still struggling


On 16/5, Thermal Power Plant Song Hau 1 (Chau Thanh – Hau Giang) officially started. This is 1 of 3 power plants have been Prime Minister for approval mechanism for implementing the design, manufacture domestic equipment power plant phase from 2012 to 2025 (Decision 1791 / QD-TTg dated 29 / 11/2012).

To implement the directive of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Industry and Trade has established interdisciplinary steering board design, equipment manufacturing thermal power plants (known as cross-sectoral steering committee in 1791), while in founding Author assisted steering committee.

According to the working group, with thermal power project Song Hau 1, based on specific requirements, mechanical Institute (NARIME) has submitted proposals to the EPC contractor of the project is Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation Male (Lilama) for 4 categories: System electrostatic precipitators (ESP); Ash System (AHS); coal supply system (CHS); desulphurization system (FGD). However, the commitment to NARIME LILAMA not do any category.

In addition, several other units as the Corporation Industrial Machinery and Equipment (MIE), the Corporation Vietnam Industrial Construction (VINAINCON), JSC manufacturing electrical equipment East England (EEMC) is the designated units involved in the design and manufacture of devices of the power plants under Section 5b content of Article 1 of Decision 1791. But so far, these units have not been charged with setting LILAMA Design and manufacture of auxiliary equipment for the project.

Mr. Huang Zhiqiang – CEO VINAINCON – said: VINAINCON is one of the prized unit of localization, localization especially cement plants. Unit has actively designed, manufactured and successfully built Song Thao Cement Plant, with a localization rate of up to 70%. VINAINCON are looking forward to participating in this thermal power project. But 3 years now, with Project Song Hau 1, VINAINCON not involved part of your work. While the decision in 1791, there were 11 items assigned localization that businesses (companies) in the country totally doable. Representative MIE, NARIME EEMC and also opinions and recommendations reviewed for companies to participate in projects in accordance with Decision 1791.

Mr. Dao Phan Long – Vice Chairman of Association of Mechanical Engineering (VAMI) – petitions, should create conditions for domestic engineering firms in the thermal power project, the mechanics of this new Vietnam “large” is. If certain categories of domestic units should be a priority do they undertake to avoid foreign lessee.

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