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Helmet market: Tighten manufacturing business


According to Qu Vietnam Hung – Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Traffic Safety (road safety) countries, from January 4/2013 to the present, the traffic police forces nationwide test, make a record, more than 896 000 cases sanctions MBH absence teams. Besides, after almost 2 years of implementation of the Directive 04, people have to raise awareness in the selection of MBH. The interest now improve quality and better implementation of the provisions of the technical regulations.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tin – Deputy Director of Market Management (QLTT) – Ministry of Industry and Trade – said: Currently, there are about 80 basis MBH production (down 20% compared with 2013); 5 basis of imports, mainly in the city. Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and a few in the neighboring provinces.

“Through the inspection, some producers, business is still business MBH fitted canonical CR stamp fake counterfeit label information on production units. Also, MBH is entered through the floating lines, no bill of dubious origin are sold in small retail establishments, unregistered business and move to maneuver … “- Mr. Tin said.

Explaining the situation was still in traffic who use poor quality MBH to “deal” with the force function, Mr. Qu Vietnam Hung said that no serious sanctions. Hats are not complying with regulations on quality as MBH, while current regulations for handling of administrative violations in the production, sales, use of poor quality hat is also many shortcomings.

Mr. Hung cited: Under current regulations, the type of MBH style similar caps must not adhere to the regulations on technical standards of MBH;certification is not provided, the appropriate regulation conformity national technical regulations, conformity marks shall not CR. So can not apply Decree No. 80/2013 / ND-CP dated 07/19/2013 for sanctioning of administrative violations in the manufacturing and trading of this type of hat. To cope with the regulations on technical standards … many kinds of hats was the inscription: “caps for sports people”, “caps for pedestrians / cyclists” … So QLTT force only handle violations of trademarks without base dealing with breaches of technical regulations MBH.

According to Nguyen Trong Tin, the state produced shoddy MBH trade will “break out” at any time without implementing sanctions motorcyclists not wearing a hat MBH.

To overcome, the next time the National Traffic Safety Committee will coordinate with the relevant authorities to produce propaganda, business, using MBH; PPCs proposal, the city assigned to each government districts, wards, communes if to condition MBH sold fake, plastic caps on the types of roadways, pavements, the authorities responsible that table . Besides, the Ministry of Police directing traffic police force to strengthen inspection and strict handling behavior when the control MBH motorcycles, electric bicycles …

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