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Awards Ceremony and Technical Sciences Vietnam 2014

Awarding Ceremony and the Innovation Award of science and technology in Vietnam in 2014, took place in Hanoi on 05/28/2015. There are four first prizes, 7 second prize, third prize and 11 consolation prizes of 18 were awarded.

Awards ceremony creation Vietnam Science and Technology 2014

Particularly in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, the scientific work is appreciated organizers can mention as: Research and application technology employed in military shipbuilding Corporation’s 12,418 Ba Son – General Department of Defense Industry. These are projects with high application when it was first through Vietnam building a rocket attack grades have modern features to equip the army; study design semiautomatic lines produce inductors SSR of Lac Hong University; designed waste separation system automatically…

In the field of Information Technology, Electronics – Telecommunications 2014 4 scientific work involved consideration. Second prize (no first prize) belongs to the research system virtual shooting range shooting training infantry Simulation Institute of Technology – Military Technical Academy – Ministry of Defense. This work was appreciated on the applicability and effect of socioeconomic in Vietnam.

Also in the framework of the ceremony and Awarded Summary Science and Technology of Vietnam, World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Awards Gold Cup Vietnam Intellectual 2014 to 5 business excellence in adopting use the intellectual property system.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Fatherland Front of Vietnam Nguyen Thien Nhan affirmed: “The work was awarded this year have enormous significance in honoring and promoting creativity scientists, contribute to create a competitive product in the domestic market and internationally. Hopefully the next time, the owner of the works, the science project winners will expand both in scale research and practical applications, thus contributing to bring much practical value”.

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